“We don’t really think much about America, it’s not that important to us”

After weeks of running around we had a mellow day. Not to say we didn’t film - we did - but I’ve been feeling a bit more relaxed in the last few days. My body is finally adjusting after endless jet lag.
I feel like we’ve been going through a real learning process on how to […]


We have done a lot of interviewing in London and we have found the people, for the most part, to be intelligent, witty, and not afraid to share an opinion with us. While there are many complaints about current U.S foreign policy, there also seems to be a general admiration for America and fondness for […]

My first encounter with Anti-Beerialism

When I look back and remember that I was eating soup dumplings in Shanghai two weeks ago and now I’m slamming pints of Young’s Ale with Londoners in makes my head spin (pardon the pun!). France felt really successful and our Frenchman Yves went the extra mile (or kilometer) to bring the four of us […]

Start of my trip

My part of this adventure started with a transatlantic trip on Aer Lingus, the Irish airline. Once in the air, I asked one of the flight attendants what movie would be showing. Even though I had already looked it up in the in flight magazine, I just wanted to hear her say “The Dukes of […]

Arrived in London…

We arrived in London yesterday and said goodbye to Bao. I’m really going to miss him. His contributions to the project have been vast. We’ve traveled thousands of miles together and met hundreds of people over the past three weeks. Bao has also acted as our resident photographer. All of the photos on this website […]

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