Mid-East joy at BBC man’s release

We were so happy to hear that Alan Johnston was free. He was on our side, he was innocent and he had nothing to do with the occupation.
Palestinian journalists
Palestinian journalists celebrate the release of Alan Johnston
It is not the Palestinian way to treat guests badly; it was shameful to make him suffer like that.
We know […]

I finally found my rhythm

Joel, Dominic, and Carrie are a few months and eight countries into this enormous project. In Palestine now, I’m ten days and two countries into it. I feel like I finally found my rhythm. We left Maya and our friends in Israel on Monday for Jerusalem, where we spent a day fighting the urge to […]

walls, fences, towers and checkpoints

Sunday was a very new kind of experience for me. We traveled with a group of Israeli women who are human rights activists to visit the highly militarized, occupied Palestinian areas near Nablus. I have never seen anything quite like the complex mixture of walls, fences, towers and checkpoints that exists throughout this region.
Maya, our […]

On the ground in Tel Aviv

We’ve been on the ground for a few days now and it’s taken some time to get up to speed. We were all so grateful to have some down time in Minneapolis recently but things are now in full swing here in Tel Aviv. Han Shan joined us in the airport in Newark on Monday […]

Han Shan

Han, a human rights activist in New York City, traveled to Afghanistan, Canada, India, Israel, and Palestine

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