Joel Weber

India is unbelievable camera-friendly

It’s 7:00 AM and I’m sitting in the Dubai International Airport waiting to catch a flight to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We said goodbye to Han yesterday evening in Bangalore and have been flying all night. We’re on our way to meet Carrie for a 2-week run in Africa including Tanzania and South Africa. We’ll […]

Stupid American

I was trying to get off the city tram yesterday during rush hour. Several other people were trying to get on at the same time. Pretty soon the doors shut and I was stuck - on my way to wherever the next stop was. The other passengers looked at me, unimpressed, as if to say, […]

Arrived in Samara, Russia

Today in Samara I saw a young boy of 12 or 13 hauling a snowboard. He then pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and made a phone call. This wouldn’t have been likely even ten years ago. Snowboards and cell phones are part of the new capitalist Russia. Samara is a town of […]

Arrived in London…

We arrived in London yesterday and said goodbye to Bao. I’m really going to miss him. His contributions to the project have been vast. We’ve traveled thousands of miles together and met hundreds of people over the past three weeks. Bao has also acted as our resident photographer. All of the photos on this website […]

Directors’ Statement

(by Co-Directors Dominic Howes & Joel Weber)
View the video on the making of The Listening Project.
Civilizations, empires and nation states have come and gone for millennia but none before eclipse the massive economic, social and military power that the United States now wields. There are few people on earth who are not affected by this. […]

Co-Directors Dominic Howes & Joel Weber

Joel and Dominic, atop the wreckage of an old Soviet tank on a hill overlooking Kabul in April, 2006. Photo: Han Shan

Dominic and Joel are co-owners of the Minneapolis based production company Rikshaw Films. In 2005 they co-directed the documentary film Awakening. Filmed in Afghanistan, India, Colombia, and South Dakota, Awakening explores the emergence […]

The Making of The Listening Project

Check out this video about the making of The Listening Project

Joel Weber, Co-Director & Director of Photography

Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, Joel is a filmmaker and co-owner of Rikshaw Films…

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