Dominic Howes

Back in Afghanistan

We arrived in Kabul on Tuesday and all is well. Joel and I had a great visit here last winter and things have picked up where they left off. Local folks have been wonderful and gracious to us despite what continues to be one of the toughest spots on earth to make a life.
The security […]

Walking through minefields (literally)

I think we had quite possibly the strangest interview scenario of my life today. We decided to take a drive out of Kabul today and head into the countryside to get a sense of things out of the big city. About an hour out of town we spotted a huge field full of red flags. […]

After Bangalore, I am grateful for this Eden

We arrived here in Arusha, Tanzania a few days ago. This area is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my travels. Thick, green, luscious foliage covers every square inch of the mountainous areas, particularly around 19,000 foot Kilimanjaro. This is the land of the Masai people and also home to […]

Bangalore has been great to us

Bangalore has been great to us. After our whirlwind trip through Israel and Palestine its been really great to get to India. I’ve spent many years studying music in India and it always makes me happy to get back. Bangalore is a crazy and congested place like all the large cities of India but the […]

On the ground in Tel Aviv

We’ve been on the ground for a few days now and it’s taken some time to get up to speed. We were all so grateful to have some down time in Minneapolis recently but things are now in full swing here in Tel Aviv. Han Shan joined us in the airport in Newark on Monday […]

The world through a 3-inch LCD screen

Ok, one last note before we rest for a while. It’s been a surprisingly smooth 6 weeks on the road. Doors have opened constantly. Brazil is hot and sunny. The people very laid back and friendly. I’m grateful to spend some time out in the farmlands in this area. It’s sugar cane as far as […]

A distinction between people and politics…

Another great but cold day here in Samara. I know it’s typical of a Minnesotan to talk about the weather but in this case it’s justified.
I’ve really enjoyed my time here in town. It was a nice change of pace to leave behind the giant cities of the past weeks for the more intimate confines […]

In Russia: why on earth doesn’t America seem to like soccer?

We had a long flight out of London on Wednesday night. We changed planes in Moscow and headed out in our 1960’s era Russian jet about 1000 kilometers east to the city of Samara. As most of you know it’s really, really cold here in Russia at the moment. There were all kinds of records […]

“We don’t really think much about America, it’s not that important to us”

After weeks of running around we had a mellow day. Not to say we didn’t film - we did - but I’ve been feeling a bit more relaxed in the last few days. My body is finally adjusting after endless jet lag.
I feel like we’ve been going through a real learning process on how to […]

My first encounter with Anti-Beerialism

When I look back and remember that I was eating soup dumplings in Shanghai two weeks ago and now I’m slamming pints of Young’s Ale with Londoners in makes my head spin (pardon the pun!). France felt really successful and our Frenchman Yves went the extra mile (or kilometer) to bring the four of us […]

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