Koichi, Tokyo, Japan

Walking Around Tokyo

This morning Carrie and I both woke up incredibly early- because we couldn’t sleep we went down to he hotel restaurant for breakfast. Breakfast was a combination of Japanese and “American” food- eggs, cereal, yogurt, pancakes – and then there was also some sort of smoked fish, Japanese eggs, miso soup and many other […]

Leaving for Japan

Today I left for Japan- and I am so excited! Of course I didn’t pack until today, so I was a little stressed because of the time - but I got to the airport on time and met up with Carrie, Dominic and Joel. Our flight was overbooked, so it was packed. […]

Carrie Lennox

Carrie, a seventh-grade history teacher at Breck School in Minneapolis, traveled with The Listening Project to Japan, South Africa, and Tanzania

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