India is unbelievable camera-friendly

It’s 7:00 AM and I’m sitting in the Dubai International Airport waiting to catch a flight to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We said goodbye to Han yesterday evening in Bangalore and have been flying all night. We’re on our way to meet Carrie for a 2-week run in Africa including Tanzania and South Africa. We’ll […]

The world through a 3-inch LCD screen

Ok, one last note before we rest for a while. It’s been a surprisingly smooth 6 weeks on the road. Doors have opened constantly. Brazil is hot and sunny. The people very laid back and friendly. I’m grateful to spend some time out in the farmlands in this area. It’s sugar cane as far as […]

Arrived in Samara, Russia

Today in Samara I saw a young boy of 12 or 13 hauling a snowboard. He then pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and made a phone call. This wouldn’t have been likely even ten years ago. Snowboards and cell phones are part of the new capitalist Russia. Samara is a town of […]

Directors’ Statement

(by Co-Directors Dominic Howes & Joel Weber)
View the video on the making of The Listening Project.
Civilizations, empires and nation states have come and gone for millennia but none before eclipse the massive economic, social and military power that the United States now wields. There are few people on earth who are not affected by this. […]

The Making of The Listening Project

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