Shanghai: V-Nutz spins at an expat scenester bar

Tonight DJ V-Nutz spins at a different club, a posh scenester bar with tasteful Orientalia on the walls and that fashionably dim red-orange lighting that makes the whole place look like it could double for an opium den. Here V-Nutz spins a mix of new and classic funk to a mostly Caucasian expatriate crowd, and […]

Final thoughts from this journey…

This is the land that colonized your ancestors, I said to myself early this morning as I walked through the streets of Paris, the least you can do is find yourself a bowl of Pho. I wait at the St. Paul stop for the 1 train, which I take one stop down to Bastille where […]

Whirlwind: Shanghai to Paris

To relieve some of the emotional suckiness involved with leaving Shanghai, we lucked out and had defective televisions on the flight over to Paris, so we were moved into first class. Damn, have any of you ever flown first class on British Airways? They are like the ultimate lounge chair, with so much space and […]

Getting good at chopsticks…

I don’t mean to brag, but I am getting really good at using chopsticks. It is pretty much sink or swim with them, and I am swimmin’ baby.
Chinese food is G-O-O-D. I can confidently say that I enjoy the food here far better than the Americanized morsels that I have consumed back home. Although to […]

Thank you, Shanghai, for everything.

Yesterday we went out to Tong Li, a small village by the river about one hour from Shanghai. On the way there we passed more construction, huge billboard signs, and a lake so large and so grey that it erased the horizon line on our right side. Tong Li is a popular tourist spot (mostly […]

Garry, Shanghai, China (AKA “DJ V-Nutz”)

He loves vinyl.

Tale of two cities

Hey Ya’ll. I cannot believe how last the week has gone. I would really like to come back to china; the people that I have met are so amazing. I feel very lucky to have spent as much time with them as I have. We met Sarah a couple of days ago, another one of […]

“Good Horse Gardens”

The apartment complex that Kelly and her parents live in has a name, which translates into something along the lines of Good Horse Gardens. Directly across the street is a humongous lot filled with stacks upon stacks of shipping containers, large rectangular metal shoeboxes colored pumpkin orange, red and dull blue. These boxes form a […]

Long week in Shanghai

It’s been a long week here in Shanghai. It took a couple of days to get my body used to being here but now I’m full strength. We have been very fortunate to spend time with some great people from the area. Both Gary the DJ and Sarah Zhong the local events promoter were very […]

Shanghai: Funny what you notice when you’re a foreigner.

Funny what you notice when you’re a foreigner. For example, my utterly random mental rolodex filed away this keeper: of all the American songs you have heard in Juarez and Shanghai, the only American musical artist you’ve heard in both cities has been Lil’ John. In Juarez, blaring from a Hummer that blurred past your […]

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