The world through a 3-inch LCD screen

Ok, one last note before we rest for a while. It’s been a surprisingly smooth 6 weeks on the road. Doors have opened constantly. Brazil is hot and sunny. The people very laid back and friendly. I’m grateful to spend some time out in the farmlands in this area. It’s sugar cane as far as […]

Brazil rocks!!!

Brazil rocks!!! Not only just because we are full on in summer, or because of the beautiful blooming flowers, or all the yummy juices made up of any topical fruit you can think of, the amazingly fantastic people we have run across down here…while actually indeed for these reasons and more, Brazil is defiantly a […]

Musings on sugar, meat, and civil war

We’ve been spending a lot of time learning about sugar these past few days. This has included visiting the sugar cane fields and processing plants and sampling plenty of caipirinhas, a cocktail made from pinga which is a rum distilled from sugar cane. Brazil is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution and they […]

Arrived in Brazil… and found a place to watch the Super Bowl

It has been quite a journey these past few days. We left Russia on Saturday and 30 hours later, and 100 degrees hotter, we landed in Brazil. At one point on the trip I recall flying over Russia in an Air France plane listening to ZZ Top on my Ipod. It was some sort of […]

Bob Roeglin

Bob, a probation officer in Minneapolis, traveled with The Listening Project to Brazil, Russia, and the United Kingdom

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