Leaving for Japan

Posted by Carrie on Saturday, October 14th, 2006
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Today I left for Japan- and I am so excited! Of course I didn’t pack until today, so I was a little stressed because of the time - but I got to the airport on time and met up with Carrie, Dominic and Joel. Our flight was overbooked, so it was packed. Surprisingly, the flight didn’t seem to terribly long- I did bring my computer- so Carrie and I watched two movies and I also met some people and passed the time talking to them. By the time I arrived in Japan it was Sunday evening- so I missed most of Sat and Sunday-which was kind of weird. When we walked out of the airport we walked into awesome weather! I had way too many clothes/layers on- topped of with a down jacket- just a little too warm! We arrived at the Narita airport and took a cab to Tokyo- it was about an hour cab ride. Because we were all pretty tired, we didn’t spend any time looking around- we went straight to our hotel. Our hotel, The Mercury, is very nice. Our rooms are incredibly small, compared to American hotels, but they are very comfortable. Carrie and I share a room- there is barely any walking space-there is simply a small hallway- to get into the bathroom, one must step up into it- and as I already told some of my students via email- the toilet seats are heated- actually, the toilets have 2 or 3 other options as well- but Carrie and I haven’t quite figured them out yet. In any case- we were so tired that we went to bed around 9pm Japan time- I didn’t move until 6 am- but at 6 am I was wide awake! Pretty uncommon for me! Japan is about 14 hours ahead of us in Minnesota.

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