“We don’t really think much about America, it’s not that important to us”

Posted by Dominic on Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

After weeks of running around we had a mellow day. Not to say we didn’t film - we did - but I’ve been feeling a bit more relaxed in the last few days. My body is finally adjusting after endless jet lag.

I feel like we’ve been going through a real learning process on how to pace ourselves with this work. Sometimes you go days and days without a letup and some days you have to force yourself not to go out. You can feel guilty just walking down the street without a camera in your hands because you might “miss something.” There’s also a fine line between looking for the story in a place, and forcing something that just isn’t there. This process demands patience and a resignation to the reality that of the hundreds of hours of footage we’ll have, only a few hours will survive.

This project has also been a real challenge for me personally. I’ve always been a better talker than listener and this is one time when the reverse is really necessary. I’m gonna be a father in June and part of me wants so badly to “change things.” It’s a hard realization that most of what I feel in my gut, is way beyond my reach.

On another note, one of the most amusing (and refreshing) comments I’ve heard in weeks was something from yesterday stating, “sorry to break it to you, we don’t really think much about America, it’s not that important to us!”

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