The Making of The Listening Project

Posted by the listening project on Thursday, December 1st, 2005

For best viewing, press pause on the video and allow it just a few moments to load before pressing play to watch. Enjoy!

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One Response to “The Making of The Listening Project”

  1. On March 24th, 2008 at 5:38 pm, jaeson boyers said:

    I really appreciate the work you guys have done the film looks great and sounds great.
    As a “philosopher-wanna-be” I have come to realize very many falsehoods that I had taken for granted as being Truth, what’s worse, I have been encouraged to do so by family, friends and country.
    I love the premise here as it is based on a very simple question-the philosopher’s favorite type- and the the type that most people, when pressed, find gets very complex (as you stated).
    I think that one of the most antiquated assumptions that people live with is; that there actually are such things as countries, states and governments to rule them. There might be something to this if you take a State’s view, since all “countries” were created by an act of aggression and thus need to be maintained by the like.
    My hope is, and I see it creep up a bit in this film, that with the ever increasing dissemination of information and the ability of People to communicate with People rather than their respective governments doing it for them (when they almost always get it wrong) it may become an increasingly popular notion that there are only people, on a planet, and we can deal with the complexity of complexity much more readily once we dispense with the people who have fooled us for so long into, not only thinking that we need them, but, being thankful for the “opportunity” to be in such close proximity of their “benevolent” service.

    you rock, Rock,

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