Dominic Howes, Co-Director & 2nd Camera

Posted by the listening project on Thursday, December 1st, 2005
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From his early adventures as a gold miner in the Alaskan wilderness to his time spent studying music in northern India, Dominic followed an unlikely path to directing films. It was after a three-year stint in the jazz-fusion band, Rikshaw Quartet that he co-founded Rikshaw Films with bandmate Joel Weber. Over the years, he’s become an Emmy Award winning director, successful television writer and busy director/producer of commercial video content. With a rich background in documentary filmmaking, Dominic loves the hunt for a good story. 

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One Response to “Dominic Howes, Co-Director & 2nd Camera”

  1. On December 23rd, 2007 at 10:00 am, Scott said:

    Enjoyed talking with you at Cafe Maude last night and all at my table enjoyed the music. Here’s the website:

    Much respect for you and your work, past and ongoing.

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